Dragon Party Supplies

Dragon party supplies are some of the most popular party supplies in the Dragonlance universe, but you can use them just as easily to customize your own party, or just for fun.

Dragon party materials can be used to craft the following:A Dragon’s Bane (5gp) Dragon’s Bane is a simple potion of healing that increases healing by 10.

It has the following properties:Increases healing by 1 when you use it on a friendly creature.

Aerobic Aerobics can be used on animals to reduce the chance of getting sick, especially when combined with a protective armor or a healing potion. 

Acerobics have a 15% chance to cure poison, while a protective Armor has a 25% chance.

The effect lasts for 3 minutes or until you use the item again.

Elegant Elegants can increase the speed of an ally by 10%. 

Elements Elementals can boost the speed and defense of an allied creature by 1.

Aegis Aegises increase the maximum hit points by 5. Elemental Elemental is a powerful healing potion that can cure moderate and moderate damage. 

Elementalist Actors are a specialist class who are often the only ones who can cast elemental spells. 

Fire Fire can be useful for the purifying of burning poison and fireballs, and it can be cast on living animals, such as cows and chickens.

Ice Ice is useful for purification of ice.

It is also used to cast the Fireball spell on animations.

Light Light can heal you for 10 when you cast the Cure Light Wounds spell.

Lava Lava is used to protect you against lava.

Magic Magic can help you heal a creature with a moderate or moderate-high critical hit, or cure a creature that is critically wounded. Paralysis Paralysis is a spell that can be dispelled by a friendly target.

Petrify Petrifies are some of the most common magic items in the game.

It can be dispelled by a friendly opponent, or the enemy.

Poison Poison can be beneficial to your party, and it can inflict minor wounds. 

Resistance Resists are the best protection you can get. 

It is an energy shield, so it has a 100% chance of shielding you from all damage for 1 minute.

Sleep Sleep is used to sleep an enemy, and is a very useful ability.

Sunlight Sunlight can help you restore energy to your allies.

Wind Wind is a powerful spell that can restore energy and armor to your ally.

Water Water is useful for saving yourself from drowning.

Wizard Wizards are specialists who can cast spells.

Weave Weaves are used to weave magic, which is very useful in the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Aura Aura is a spell that can only be cast by creatures that are allies. 

Armor Armor is useful in Dungeons and Dragon.

Beacon Beacon is used as an armor check.

Casting Casting is useful when a party member is incapacitated or killed.

Drain Drain is used for draining a creature from a corpse, and can restore your allies HP and mana.

Force Force is a special attack.

Haste Haste is a fast attack that can use a limited number of charges.

Infuse Infuse is used by an ally to create a special item.

Restore Restore is used when a creature is critically injured, or has become permanently paralyzed.

Shadow Shadow is used in the Dungeon World and Dragonlance universe to cast Shadow Creatures.

Wall Wall is used to protect a party from an attack from another party member.

Tail Tail is used with the Dragon Sword and is used while a Dragon is being attacked.

Void Void is used against a creature to inflict a debilitating effect.

Undead Undead are the undead, and they are useful in Dragonlance.

They can be killed with a Dawn spell, and their bodies can be revived by an Undead resurrection spell.

You can also craft some useful party items in Dragonquest.

The following party items can be crafted:Aether Shield (2gp)  Aether shields protect you from fire and electricity.

They have the following effects:Protects against fire and lightning.

Breath of Wind (5g)  The breath of wind can be a great aid to a party in combat.

It increases your attack, casting, and spell

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