Luau party supply company: I’ll be able to sell at $3,500 per box of supplies

Luau Party Supply Co., the company that produces party supplies for Burning Man, is looking to bring its prices to $3.50 per box.

The company, which makes party supplies and accessories for Burning Angel, said it will be able sell the items at $4 per box, or about $100 cheaper than Amazon’s standard shipping price of $9.50 for a box of six party supplies.

The prices will only apply to party supplies from Luau, the company said.

It will also be possible to order supplies from Amazon’s Marketplace or another vendor and then have them delivered to your house.

The party supplies can also be picked up at a Luau store in Portland, Oregon.

Luau Party Supplies is one of several companies that have been selling party supplies online.

Some other companies include LavaLava and Luau.

The company, founded in 2013, is part of the Lava Lava group, which includes a number of online vendors.

Luaus party supplies are a mix of party supplies sold at the event, and others that were produced locally.

Some of the party supplies made at Burning Man include: Party Supple Ball, Party Supples, Party Stuff, Party Party Supply, Party Stool, and Party Supply Crate.