Allens party supplies party supply

Allens Party Supply, an Indian-owned furniture chain, has started supplying the party supply chain to the BJP.

The company had been supplying party supply chains to parties in India, and had also been supplying the supply chain for the BJP to other parties in the country.

According to a statement by Allens, its manufacturing unit in Bengaluru has been sourcing party supply from allens supply chain.

The statement added that Allens has started manufacturing in Bengalurys manufacturing base.

BJP sources say that allens supplies the party’s supply chain and has been supplying all the party and its employees.

It has been the party supplier since 2010, when the party started in Bengal.

The party source further said that allans supply chain has been sourced from the party for over six years.

The company has a manufacturing base in Bengalud, Rajasthan, which was set up by Allans and its parent company, The Mahindra Group.

Allans’ manufacturing and supply chain in India has a presence in Bengal, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Rajastan and Assam.