How to get the best Pokémon Party Supplies

What to bring: You’ll want to bring a large enough party bag to carry all of your Pokémon and some food.

The party supplies include party trays, party chairs, and a table that can seat 10 or more.

The table should be a good size, and be at least 12 feet wide.

Be sure to pack a drink or two if you plan on attending.

You should also bring an energy drink or other drink to keep you hydrated during the night.

If you want to avoid any energy drinks, you can use water or a non-energy drink to cool down, but you’ll want plenty of other things to eat and drink to stay hydrated.

To keep the party going and have the Pokémon get into a good mood, bring a ball or two to play with.

To prevent the party from becoming too loud, you may want to add some music.

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