How to use Pinterest to customize the Pinterest home page

By clicking on the button below, you will have the option to customize your Pinterest home screen, search and view content, or share content with other people.

This option allows you to create an entire custom home screen for Pinterest and customize its content.

This will help you create a more personalized experience and more relevant content.

To create your own custom home page, go to, create a new Pinterest page and then click on the Create button.

Once you have created your new Pinterest home, click on “Share” and then select “Pinterest Home.”

You will see the Pinterest homepage.

You can see a new home screen that is ready to share.

If you would like to add other content to your Pinterest page, click “Add to Pinterest” and you will be prompted to select the content you would add.

You will be able to browse and share your Pinterest content on your new home page by clicking on “Browse” at the top of your new page.

If you want to view content from your home page or your personal Pinterest page at the same time, click the “Share with” button to share your content.