LeBron James & Co. to ‘revisit’ their Lakers merchandise

NBA legend LeBron James is set to return to the Los Angeles Lakers for the first time since retiring, the team announced on Tuesday.

James, the NBA’s All-Star since 2013, announced plans for the re-launch of the team’s official merchandise store on Tuesday, but did not name a price for the new venture.

The NBA has had no official announcement of a re-entry since James announced plans to leave for Cleveland, Ohio, in January 2019.

In an interview with The Associated Press, James said the new store would be a “game-changer.”

The Lakers have been searching for a new home since the team sold its lease in 2019, and they had no other choice but to sell the team as part of the sale.

James left the team for Cleveland in January, and he left the city of Cleveland for his home in Miami, Florida.

The Lakers announced in December that James would not be coming back to the city he helped build, citing a “difficult and painful” time in his career and the team “cannot afford to keep him.”

The team is looking to move its apparel and apparel-related businesses to Los Angeles, where James could focus on the game, a source familiar with the situation told ESPN.