When will the GOP take over?

When will we be in a Republican Party where the party leadership is more like a caucus?

This is the question posed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

If you can find a way to find a solution that doesn’t have the Republican leadership voting for a budget, then you’ve got a real problem.

It seems to be a trend that the Senate is going in the opposite direction from the House.

It has been the Senate that has been willing to take on some of the most powerful political actors in the country, including Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

That hasn’t always worked out, and it’s likely that the GOP won’t be able to get the votes it needs to get it through.

The Senate was always going to be an unpredictable place, but it’s not going to become the Democratic Party again anytime soon.

The Republican Party needs to come together to get this done.

Here are three key questions the GOP needs to answer to make that happen.1.

How can Republicans win back Senate control?

The Republicans have a real chance to take control of the Senate this year.

The 2018 elections were close, but Republicans won all the Senate seats.

The party won control of both the House and Senate in 2010.

They have more seats than any other party.

They’re even the ones with the most Senate seats and the most governorships.

This is why they control the Senate.

If the GOP is going to get back control of Senate, it’s going to have to take back control.

There are a number of factors that make that possible.

Republicans are not only better at recruiting candidates and getting out the vote, but they’re also more comfortable campaigning.

This makes them more effective at courting voters, and that’s something the GOP has done well.

They’ve been better at building relationships with key swing voters than any party.

The most important thing the Republicans have to do is convince people that they’re the party of change.

This will be the first major test of that.2.

Can the GOP win back the Senate in 2020?

The 2018 midterm elections were a disaster for the GOP.

The Republicans lost control of their own chamber and many House seats.

Republicans lost their majority in the House, and they were forced to negotiate a budget with President Donald Trump’s Democratic Party.

After a few months of wrangling, they found the best deal for the nation.

They passed a $1.9 trillion tax cut that was mostly paid for by closing loopholes for the wealthy, which was one of the biggest accomplishments in the history of the Republican Party.

Republicans also managed to pass a massive overhaul of the tax code, and those were some of their biggest legislative accomplishments.

Trump and the Democrats had their eye on winning the Senate for the first time in a generation, but in the end, it was a big win for the Republican party.3.

Can Republicans win control of state legislatures in 2020 and beyond?

The GOP could make some big gains in state legislatures around the country this year, but there’s still a long way to go.

They need to make some gains in the states where they have a strong presence, but those gains aren’t going to happen overnight.

Republicans have already been able to make gains in several key states, but that’s a very small percentage of the total population.

This year, Republicans will be hoping to take the Senate back, but even then, they’re going to need to win more than 50% of the vote in the three swing states.

The GOP needs a majority of the House to win control in a number in the 10 to 15 percent range.4.

Will the House GOP take back the House in 2020 or will it fall short?

The House is one of a handful of legislative bodies in the Senate with a Republican majority.

But the Senate also has a Republican-controlled chamber.

This gives the Senate the ability to make its own decisions on key pieces of legislation, like tax legislation and budgeting.

It also gives Republicans the ability have control over the Budget Committee, the process that determines the budgets of the departments of Defense and the Interior.

And it allows them to pass bills that affect both the federal budget and the state budgets.

The House GOP could win control, but we’ll have to wait and see.5.

Can Senate Republicans pass a budget?

If the House Republican Party does make gains, the Senate will have to find something else to fund its operations in 2019 and 2020.

That means the Senate has to find some kind of spending relief.

That will have major consequences for both the economy and the budget.

The budget is a big deal, and the GOP could use a big hit to make up for its budget loss.

If it doesn’t, then it’s pretty clear that the House will have no choice but to vote down any budget that doesn.

There is some bipartisan support for the idea of spending cuts, and there are some Senate Democrats who are looking to take advantage of that and pass a short