Why does this trailer look so familiar?

It was not always so.

Back in January of last year, we posted a video showing off what the new Riverdale trailer might look like, and as we predicted, it looked absolutely gorgeous.

We were not alone in our enthusiasm.

After the trailer was shown at Comic-Con, it was spotted by a number of media outlets including Kotaku , and the video quickly gained over 3.6 million views on YouTube.

That same month, TheWrap ran a piece called “Why Is The ‘Riverdale’ Trailer Looks So Much Like A New ‘Riverdance’ Trailer” and a number other outlets picked up on the trend.

A few months later, however, things took a turn for the worse.

The first episode of season 3 was filmed without the Riverdale party supply trailers and the new trailer looked very different.

According to TheWrasse, the new version of the trailer featured a new camera angle that removed the old one.

In addition, the trailer lacked any of the old-school Riverdale costumes, which had already been removed from the trailer in the past.

This left a number questions surrounding the new look, with many fans believing the new “Riverdale” trailer could be nothing more than a brand-new “Riverdancing” trailer.

It wasn’t the only controversy surrounding the trailer.

TheWraes claimed that it would look like “a parody of ‘River Dancing,'” a phrase they used to describe the original Riverdale episode, and the network has since removed the video from YouTube.

Despite this, the “River Dance” trailer still has over 5 million views and counting.

If you want to watch the “New Riverdale” Riverdance trailer and its original look, you can watch the first episode below.