‘The Man of Steel’: Superheroes, Guns, And More!

article The Superhero Superstore in the West Village of Manhattan is a treasure trove of goodies for every superhero fan. 

There are toys, collectibles, and costumes that will blow your mind. 

Here are five of our favorite things you need to know about Superhero Supplies in the Manhattan area. 


Superhero Clothing Supplies: It can get cold outside, but it doesn’t hurt to keep the cape on when you’re in costume. 

The store carries a large selection of superhero costumes, including some very expensive ones. 

You’ll find items like T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tights, and more. 

Don’t forget to bring your own water bottle, a blanket, and a comfy chair for when you can’t walk up the stairs. 


SuperHero Toys: These days, superhero toys are becoming more popular. 

Many kids are buying toys and games from toy companies like Lego and Hasbro. 

These are great toys to keep in the closet, so if you have a kid with a soft spot for the toys, they can get a really good deal on some of these. 


SuperHeroes: If you’re not a fan of super-powered heroes, there are plenty of other cool stuff to make them happy. 

A variety of items are on display at the store, including T-Shirts, T-Skins, and Superhero Shoes. 


SuperHouses: There’s something for everyone. 

It’s always nice to have something to dress up your house, or to bring home for a party. 

But what’s even better is that they can be custom made to look and feel just like your home. 


SuperCats: Cats are adorable, and they’re always a fun addition to your house. 

They’re perfect for your kids to play with and also make fun of. 

Just be sure you get them in stock! 

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