Disney: ‘We’re going to do everything we can to help people get out of the party’

Disney is offering a free party supply to anyone who wants to join in on the fun.

It’s called ‘Party Supplies’, and you can order a set of 20 party supplies from the company in an order of 2,000 items.

All you have to do is to email the party supplies team at [email protected] and mention ‘party supplies’ in the subject line.

The supply includes ‘party-ready gifts, party supplies’, ‘party party supplies’ and ‘party food’.

Disney is also encouraging customers to take advantage of the free party supplies on their own and donate them to charities in their local area.

In a tweet, Disney said: “We’re not just going to take the party party supply from you, we’re going do everything possible to help you get out from under it.”

Disney says the supplies will be delivered from “Disney World’s own suppliers, in an easy to access, secure, and high-quality box”.

“The Disney Supply Team will have your party supplies delivered straight to your door and your party will start off strong,” it added.

“They will be a great help for anyone who has a party on and they will be easy to use and will be of the highest quality.”

Disney is offering an exclusive deal to the first 500 people to email [email protected] and ask about party supplies.

The party supplies will also be included in the Disney Princess Collection of gifts, which will be available from January 10.