How to Get Ready for the Trifecta of Holiday Shopping in 2018

A new year means it’s time for some holiday shopping in 2018.

This year, shoppers can expect to spend $11 billion on products, up 15% from last year.

And with Thanksgiving approaching, shoppers will also be in the mood to splurge on holiday accessories, gifts, apparel, and other holiday essentials.

In fact, the average consumer spends about $5,000 a year on holiday goods, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Here are some of the top items shoppers will be buying this year.

Clothing, toys, and gifts For a while now, most shoppers have been buying items in bulk.

This makes it easier to find items and saves money.

For instance, you could get a new pair of jeans or a new hat, or a pair of socks.

But that won’t be the case for most shoppers, says Mark Noll, president of the Consumer Reports Consumer Satisfaction Index.

Many people who shopped in 2016 will buy new things this year, and a lot of them will be for holiday seasons, he says.

“The Christmas season will be the peak season for shoppers to start buying more,” Noll says.

So, if you have an extra $20, you’ll be able to spend it on a new Christmas sweater.

It’s important to note that Christmas is a long season for holiday shopping, so the items you buy for your family will last longer than you might think.

“Most shoppers can spend a lot less in 2018 than they do in 2015, so you should be looking for a variety of holiday products that are not just holiday staples,” Nell says.

But for some shoppers, that may mean going with a little bit more expensive items.

The top 10 items you’ll want to buy in 2018 are: Baby supplies (baby supplies are essential in this year’s holiday shopping season)

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