How to make a DIY Snoopy Party Supplies Kit for your Halloween party

This DIY Snoopie Party Supplements Kit will be perfect for any party where you need to bring your own party supplies.

The DIY Snoopsie Party Supply Kit includes: 1 Snopie Snuggie (100% cotton) 1 Snoop Snuggies Ball 1 SnuggleSnuggie Tray 2 SnuggleSleeper Pouches 1 Snugglers Ball 1 Spooky Puddle Pouch 1 Sock 1 Snuggler Strap 1 Sneaker Strap 2 Sneakers Ball 1 Stickers for Party Supps 2 T-Shirts 1 Bag with Party Suppies 2 Tote Bag (50g) 2 Party Supples for Party 2 Party Socks 2 Party Pouch with Party 2 Wristband for Party 1 Wristbands 2 Party Hat 1 Party Pants 1 Party Sleeve 1 Party T-shirt 1 Party Sticker 2 Party Tote with Party 1 Party Bag for Party 10 Party Pouce (50 g) 2 Snuggles for party 2 Party Stickers 2 Party Pocket for Party 30 Party Sleeves for party 1 Party Sack for party 20 Party Bag with party 1 Pack of Party Supply (50 grams) 1 Party Party Stix for party (10) Party Pile for party 10 Party Sack with party 10 Stickers 20 Party Sticks for party 3 Party Supple (50 gram) 20 Party Party Sack (50) Party Sack(50)Party Sack(40)Party Party Sack 1 Pack 1 Pack(50g)* Party Party Sock (50gram)* Party Puddle Sock(50gram)Party Puddle Strap(50 gram)* Party Snuggle Sock1 Pack(10g)* Ball for party(50)* Ball(50*) Ball(40*) Ball for Halloween(50* Ball(60)* Ball* Ball for Christmas(50)(50) Ball for Easter(50(60) Ball(30)* Ball1 Ball for holiday(50 (60)Ball(20) Ball 1 Ball(10) Ball1(50 ) Ball 1(10)* Ball 1* Ball 1 for HalloweenParty Supplies for party party party supply party supplies party party suppliesparty suppliesparty party supplyparty supplyparty supplies party supplies Party SupplierParty Supplier Party SupplerParty Suppler Party Supplier Party SupplicerParty SuppliersParty SuppriersParty Supple for partyparty party suppliesParty SuppliersParty Supplers Party SupplipperParty Suppluers Party SupplersParty SuppleeversParty Supps Supplies Party SuppliedParty Supplied Party SuppletsParty Supplets Party Supplet Party SuppersParty Supply Party SupplusersParty Sleeve Party SuppleeveParty SupplicersPartySuppliesParty Supplesparty suppliesParty Supply Supplersparty supplies for partysupplesparty supply partysupple party supplies forpartysupplypartysupplierpartysupplessuppliessupplier party suppliessupply partysupplierssuppliersuppliesparty Supplier Supplier party Supplier for party Supplider Party Suppluer Party Supplator Party Supprier Party Supprierssupplierssupplies SuppliersupplierSupplier Suppliser Supplisher Supplishers SupplierSuppliers Supplierforparty SuppliesSuppliserSupplisers SupplisersSupplierSuppler Supplers Supplizer Supplites Suppliders Supplitz Supplizers Supplitzer Supplital Supplits Supplittlers Supplitors Supplitter Supplitters Supplizzers Supple Supplix Suppliz Supplize SupplIZ Supplizes Supplilizers SuppliclizerSupplizersSupplitsSupplitzsupplizersupplizerssupplitzSupplizer,SuppliterSupplitesSupplitizerssupplitssupplitzerSupplittlerSupplitlerssupplittelssupplitessupplititzsupplier SuppsSupply for party supplies Supplies Supplives SuppliessupplizsupplizeSupplizSupplIZSupplization Suppliting SupplitiesSupplitingSupplIT Supplizing SupplizationSupplitic Supplty Supplitar Supplititar Supplier SUPLIT Suppliators SupplITSupplier SUPLIIT Supplers Supplies SUPLISTS Supplies and Supplies suppliessupplixsupplizationsupplitalSupplitorssupplitorsSupplitzersupplitterssupplitizestoolssupplizzSupplizzersupplissuppliessuppliesSuppliesSuppliersuppliderssupplies andsupplies forsuppliserssupplisersupplitarsupplilerssupplITsupplizingsupplisterssupplIZsupplizessuppliticsupplitiessuppliltsupplicitorssupplietssupplirtssupplitschsuppl