Supreme Party supplies ‘easter eggs’ for party to make it more successful

The apex party supplies are “easter egg supplies”, party insiders said, as it attempts to keep its brand and appeal alive as it tries to hold on to power in a marginal state where its poll chances are low.

Sources in the party said the supply of supplies for party members and employees were on the cards and there was no sign of them being withdrawn.

“The supply of items is not going to be withdrawn.

They will continue to be delivered,” said an insider.

Party officials declined to comment on the supply.

The supply could be for party vehicles, vehicles for party functions and supplies for other state parties.

It was also possible the supply was to supplement supplies made by other party organisations for party leaders.

Sources said it was not clear how much the party could have received from the supply, or whether it was part of the broader supply.

In a bid to attract voters, the apex party has tried to portray itself as the “people’s party” in a state where it has only 15 seats in the legislature and is contesting by the largest margin in the country.

Its political clout in the state was boosted after its chief minister, Lalu Prasad Yadav, was appointed prime minister by the state government in July this year.

While the party has held several public rallies, its party headquarters has not been in use since November last year when the election was suspended for nearly a month amid allegations of rigging.

There was no immediate response from the state election commission.

With the BJP in control of power in Uttar Pradesh, the party was able to take advantage of the crisis to make big gains in the local and state elections.