The Nerf Party Supplies of the Future

Nerf, the toy maker best known for its Nerf blaster guns and Nerf darts, is now taking the game to the next level.

As part of a collaboration with The Wall St. Journal, Nerf is giving away a Nerf party supply in honor of the National Nerf Day.

“We want to be an inspiration to our fans around the world to take pride in their Nerf guns and get a kick out of their darts,” the Nerf company said in a statement.

The company will be giving away an assortment of three of the products: a Nerflip, a Nerfbumpin and a Nerframpin.

You can buy them through or through a store near you on Nov. 10.

The companies are also partnering to create a Nerfy calendar, which will feature a variety of Nerf-related activities to help people celebrate Nerf culture and the Nerftastic season.

Nerf says the calendar is being made possible through the support of the NNDP, which is named after the Nerflips birthday, and the National Funeral Parlor Foundation.

“In honor of Nerflits birthday, we are creating a Nerfab calendar,” the company said.