When it comes to Zombie Parties, donuts are not the answer

A group of Boston residents is trying to sell a set of donuts, saying they’ve been wanting one for a while.

The “zombie donut party supply” is on sale at a local bakery for $20.

And as of Wednesday, the group had sold 10 boxes.

The group says its the first time in years that they’ve actually gotten it in Boston.

The store is located at 1201 Beacon St. in Boston, and it is one of a few locations selling the donut, according to the website Zombie Party Supply.

The bakery is also selling other zombie-themed supplies, including a zombie mask, a Zombie mask holder and a zombie belt.

The Boston Zombie Party Supplies group is the latest in a growing group of zombie-inspired businesses in the Boston area.

In February, a zombie party supply store opened in the area of South End and Lexington streets.

And in October, a “zombies only” zombie party store opened at the site of a former auto body shop in the Dorchester section of the city.

In December, an antique shop in Chelsea sold “zombi party supplies” that include a zombie pin, a mask holder, a costume and a donut.

The zombie party supplies group hopes to continue its efforts to find and sell donuts as the Halloween season approaches.

The group’s website says it hopes to sell to anyone who might want to get a zombie donut in the near future.

The Zombie Party supply store is on the second floor of a building at 1215 Beacon St., which is where the bakery is located.