Why will the Australian Labor Party not embrace the carbon tax?

The Australian Labor party is not a party of green, according to former prime minister Tony Abbott.

The party’s stance on climate change has become the latest battleground for the federal government and has prompted calls for its leadership to embrace the controversial policy.

The policy is currently being debated in the Lower House of the Federal Parliament.

The Greens are also opposed to it, with leader Richard Di Natale calling the proposal a “dismal failure” and saying it would only drive up emissions and cost jobs.

But a new poll has found that the Liberal Party is still lukewarm to the carbon pricing, with only 13 per cent of people supporting it.

It comes amid a heated political debate over whether the federal Liberal Party can be seen as a genuine alternative to the Coalition.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has also promised a “new generation of green” policies, with a $500 million fund for the research and development of green technologies.

Labor leader Bill Shortens has been criticised for not endorsing the carbon price.

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