When Halloween comes around, get ready to find Zombie Party Supplies on sale!

source The Associated Press title ‘It was a blast’: Zombie Party Supply sales spike with Halloween source The Hill article source Associated Press article Halloween is almost here!

The National Retail Federation has announced the latest figures on the Zombie Party supplies market, and they’re amazing.

For the first time ever, they’re reporting that Halloween supplies are up more than 500% year over year in the month of October.

It’s an absolutely insane surge.

In fact, it’s so amazing that even Halloween parties have become a staple on social media.

“The surge is so great, retailers are already looking to get their hands on Zombie Party Packs for sale,” NRE President and CEO Rob Enderle said.

“This year, the NRE is also celebrating our annual Halloween holiday, Halloween in America, which is also a holiday for the industry and consumers alike,” he added.

“While it is an annual tradition, it is the perfect time to get into the spirit of Halloween and take advantage of these unique opportunities for a great time.”

While the NRPF report did not break out Halloween sales figures for all retailers, NRE data shows that Zombie Party supply sales have been up 736% in October compared to the same month last year.

The increase was even bigger in the apparel category.

Zombie Party apparel has risen by a whopping 1,788% in the same period, an average of 7.8% each.

The trend continues in other categories as well.

The average increase in October for the non-gaming sector was a whopping 6.6%.

The overall industry sales growth for October is up 5.5%.

The NRPI report also noted that Halloween was the perfect opportunity to stock up on supplies, as it is often a time for big discounts.

“With all of the great deals that are being offered this Halloween, retailers have a chance to capitalize on the frenzy and offer big discounts,” Enderle told Business Insider.

“I think retailers should continue to offer great deals on Zombie Parties and other items in an effort to ensure their customers are ready to get out and enjoy the season,” he said.

“And the NRTF will be working closely with retailers throughout the month to offer discounts to help make Halloween a success.”NRE says that retailers are also using this year’s Halloween as a good opportunity to get in on the holiday spirit.

“We’re proud to announce that retailers across the country are planning and opening up their Halloween parties to help celebrate this magical time of the year,” Enderles said.

We’ve also seen a surge in online sales, too.

The NRE reported that sales of Zombie Party merchandise, including accessories, apparel, and gaming gear, increased by a stunning 2,906% in November compared to October.

The sales growth was even greater in the specialty goods category.

The specialty goods industry grew by 6.1% in this month’s October.

And the NMRF expects the category to see even more growth in November.

The report also pointed out that Halloween parties are a great way to get rid of any unused supplies you might have.

“The number of parties, or parties that are not completed, has risen over 300% since Halloween 2015,” Enderly said.

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