Israel is looking to use the threat of a nuclear strike to persuade Iran to end the Iran nuclear deal

An Israeli defense official says that Israel has been negotiating with Iran to find a way to end its nuclear program.

A senior Israeli defense officer said on Monday that Israel is “looking to use” its negotiating position with Iran in order to persuade Tehran to agree to the nuclear deal.

The official was speaking to reporters on condition of anonymity because the talks were not publicly announced.

Netanyahu is expected to make a final decision on the nuclear pact at a cabinet meeting on Monday.

Netanyahu said in a speech on Monday in which he said he wants to find an “unprecedented” way to convince Iran to stop the nuclear program, adding that the deal would be “immoral and unsustainable.”

Israel has repeatedly said it would not negotiate with Iran on a nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic, which is under sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union.

The Israeli defense officials said that Israel had “made clear” to Iran that it has a nuclear arsenal and is willing to defend it against any aggression.